Honeywell CN80G is the First Ruggedized Device to be Listed on Department of Defense Approved Products List

Honeywell CN80G is the First Ruggedized Device to be Listed on Department of Defense Approved Products List

Following a two-year series of ever-increasing Cybersecurity milestones, Honeywell is awarded the STIG certification for the Mobility Edge platform ruggedized mobile computers (i.e., CK65, CT60 XP, and CT40 XP, CN80G) and can now be listed on the DoD Approved Products List (APL). The CN80G will be the very first ruggedized device ever to be listed on the APL. Honeywell STIG approved ruggedized devices will be used in a wide variety of use cases which include: Asset Management, Supply Warehousing & DC’s, Logistics & Transportation.

The Honeywell CN80G is a ruggedized handheld computer ideal for logistics, warehouse and field mobility solutions for the United States Government agencies, contractors, and third-parties. The CN80G's rugged construction allows for all working conditions in the most challenging and extreme environments.

Honeywell CN80G Overview

The Honeywell CN80G device offers both a large touchscreen and a numeric or QWERTY keypad choice, allowing users to pick the best input method for their environment today and be ready for the touch-centric applications of the future. The ultra-rugged Honeywell CN80G mobile computer features a fast processor, advanced network connectivity, and enhanced 1D/2D scanning, plus extended battery life lasting twice as long as previous generations to keep workers connected and productive throughout multiple shifts. The large, vivid, 106.7 mm (4.2 in) touchscreen display can be read easily indoors and out and used with finger, glove, or stylus – making it ideal for warehouse, cold storage, field mobility, and other challenging environments.

Built on Mobility EdgeTM Platform. The CN80G, built on the Mobility Edge Platform, offers users an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach to device management based on a common hardware and software platform. Designed for Android, it delivers a unified platform on which all software solutions are based. Organizations can develop and deploy faster while reducing development costs. Honeywell is deeply committed to the longevity and quality of the Mobility Edge platform. Honeywell ruggedized devices on the Android Mobility Edge platform offer the longest lifecycle in the industry with support through six Android releases. The device's advanced enterprise lifecycle tools also simplify frequently repeated tasks such as software updates, training new employees, and managing spare pools.

Significant features and benefits of the CN80G include:

·       The Mobility Edge hardware platform and enterprise lifecycle tools drive an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach for accelerated and secure development, deployment, performance management, and lifecycle management.

·       The Honeywell CN80G device provides future-proof investment protection with support for Android generations, starting with Android 7.1 (N) and extending through at least Android 12.

·       The large touchscreen with a 23-key numeric or 40-key QWERTY keypad supports legacy key-centric applications and newer touch applications. Keypads allow input in extremely harsh environments and optimize efficiency in all environments.

·       Ultra-rugged construction withstands 3.0 m (10 ft) drops to concrete per MIL-STD 810G and 2,000  1.0 m (3.3 ft) tumbles. IP65/IP67 ratings against dust/water spray.

·       Enhanced 1D/2D scanning/data capture with reading ranges of 0.15 m to 15.2 m (6" in to 50' ft) typically required in today's warehouses. Optional scan handle for flexibility to switch between handheld and pistol grip operations.

·       The CN80G device is offered with an attachable and dockable common access card reader, or personal identity verifier (PIV), and a full suite of accessories sourced from Trade Agreements Act (TAA) countries to secure the integrity of user data.


Whether you're transitioning to touchscreen capabilities or you're key-dependent due to the nature of your business, the Honeywell CN80G handheld computer can help you improve the speed and accuracy of operations while positioning you for the future. This rugged Android™ compatible handheld computer features full-touch capabilities plus real keys for fast data entry at high transaction rates, even in severe settings. The Honeywell CN80G is also an Android Enterprise Recommended device, meaning it's rugged, built to deploy quickly in the field, and made to stay up to date over a long-life span.

Honeywell CN80G and Mobility Edge platform devices are available from Honeywell Industrial Automation (SPS) which provides products, software and connected solutions that improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance for our customers across the globe. We deliver on this promise through industry-leading mobile devices, software, cloud technology and automation solutions, the broadest range of personal protective equipment and gas detection technology, and custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls. For more information, please visit: sps.honeywell.com.

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