Honeywell GUARANTEES Android 12 for Mobility Edge™ Platform


Honeywell GUARANTEES Android 12 for Mobility Edge™ Platform

Since the launch of the Mobility Edge platform for mobile computers, Honeywell continues to future-proof its devices. As part of our ongoing leadership with Android and Mobility Edge, Honeywell is pleased to announce that the Mobility Edge Android version GUARANTEE has been extended to include Android 12 and continues to being committed to compatibility through Android 13, subject to feasibility.

What is the difference between Guarantee vs. Commitment to Android 12?

When Honeywell states that the Mobility Edge platform now guarantees Android 12, all current and future mobile devices on the Mobility Edge platform will be able to receive the Android 12 operating system.

When selecting mobile computer platforms, be sure to understand the difference between “commit” or “specified” and a “guarantee”.  Commitments and specifications can be subject to change.  Our guarantee provides the certainty companies need in order to ensure they receive the ROI they expect, and are receiving the best available security well into the future.

As of this writing, Honeywell is the only mobile computer vendor that guarantees compatibility through Android 12 and commits through Android 13.

How is Honeywell able to Guarantee Android 12 for the Mobility Edge platform?

It is important to remember that Honeywell's Mobility Edge is a unified hardware and software platform for all form factors. The platform provides for rapid deployments, enhanced performance, and adaptability to changing needs. With Mobility Edge, a one-time investment in setup, deployment, and provisioning is reusable across all device types.

Every Mobility Edge device receives each Android OS version, without gaps starting with Android version that device is launched with, for as long as we can guarantee, currently through Android 12. Honeywell and Google recommend their customers maintain the latest OS version on all devices. Security best practices include using devices capable of receiving OS version updates for as long as possible.

When Honeywell completes the engineering effort to create and validate a current Android OS image for one device, this means we have done it for virtually all of the Mobility Edge platform family of devices.  Mobility Edge makes it easy for our customers, who often have more than one type of device in their mobile device estate, to upgrade to the next Android version. 

Honeywell can make this commitment because of the Mobility Edge and SOM platform approach. Honeywell is the leader in utilizing a SOM approach in ruggedized mobile computers.

SOM has enabled Honeywell to have a single software and hardware set across all devices.  Without this, software maintenance and upgrades are more expensive. (Compare the price of Honeywell Android maintenance to others.)

All Honeywell Mobility Edge devices have the Honeywell SOM platform and a single firmware image. Honeywell, through its Mobility Edge platform, has a history of unbroken OS version continuity from device launch, guarantees each OS version through Android 12, and does so using a single software image.

What is Mobility Edge platform and SOM?

Mobility Edge offers an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach to workflow automation based on a common hardware and software platform. Designed for Android, it delivers a unified platform on which all software solutions are based. Businesses can develop and deploy faster while reducing development costs.

The Mobility Edge unified platform is composed of:

•      Common Hardware (System On Module, or SOM), which includes the CPU, memory, WWAN (in selected devices), WLAN, Bluetooth, and near-field communication (NFC).

•      Common Operating System Image with support for multiple generations of Android, from Android O through Android 12.

•      Common Software Ecosystem that includes not just Honeywell software but also Honeywell-approved ISVs (independent software vendors).

Together these common elements minimize your company's cost, effort, and risk. They accelerate your time-to-value so you can start deploying devices into the hands of your mobile workers much faster. And they maximize your ROI by extending the lifecycle of your devices.  And provide the best available security, latest features, and technology.

What is the Honeywell track record for guaranteeing Android OS on Mobility Edge platform devices?

Since launching the Mobility Edge platform, Honeywell's Android version guarantee and commitment has been demonstrated through unbroken continuity of each Android version availability staring with the Android version on which the device launched.  Let's look at examples of devices used in retail and warehouse applications. 

Honeywell Mobility Edge Retail Example. The Honeywell CT40 family of mobile computers, which makes up the first four lines in the graphic below, was first launched on Android 7/N. A few years later, Honeywell introduced a newer version called the CT40XP on Android 9/P. 

Even though Honeywell introduced new hardware, we continue to provide each Android update and major version without gaps for the older CT40, which are still available for purchase.  As a Mobility Edge device, CT40 will potentially be available through 7 Android versions (7/N through 13/T) with NO gaps and is guaranteed through at least Android 12.  The same forward compatibility is valid for the CT60 and newer CT60XP.

Honeywell Mobility Edge Warehouse Example. The Honeywell CK65 family of mobile computers was first launched on Android 8/O. Even though Honeywell introduced new hardware, we continue to provide each Android version and updates for the older CK65, which is still available for purchase.  As a Mobility Edge device, CK65 will potentially be available through 7 Android Versions (7/N through 13/T) with NO gaps and is guaranteed through at least Android 12. 


Honeywell Mobility Edge provides unmatched Android version support providing the best available security, features, and lifecycle duration of any ruggedized mobile computer offered from major brands. Honeywell is deeply committed to the longevity and quality of the Mobility Edge platform. The following products are built on the Mobility Edge platform: Honeywell CT40, CT40XP, CT60, CT60XP, CN80, CN80G, CK65, RT10A, and Thor VM1A, and VM3A.

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