Honeywell Has a Full Lineup of Healthcare Device and Software Solutions

Honeywell Has a Full Lineup of Healthcare Device and Software Solutions

At Honeywell, we are a little biased toward the enterprise spectrum. We have millions of enterprise-grade devices the world over in every conceivable environment and workflow.

Honeywell's healthcare enterprise devices provide multi-purpose utility in an ergonomic form factor, driving improved productivity for your clinicians/mobile workers and a lower total cost of ownership for your business.

Our mobile computers combine the advantages of consumer devices and the purpose-built enterprise computers into a single package. Like consumer devices, Honeywell devices are designed with the user in mind, and they provide targeted functionality, a tactical keypad, and enhanced connectivity. Because the devices are touch-based, they are more familiar to the user, which improves speed to productivity.

All of our Android devices are built on Honeywell's Mobility Edge™, a unified hardware and software platform for all form factors. It allows for rapid deployments, enhanced performance, and adaptability to changing needs. With Mobility Edge, a one-time investment in setup, deployment, and provisioning is reusable across all devices.

Why does healthcare enterprise equipment last longer? Healthcare enterprise equipment usually lasts twice as long as consumer devices because the devices

purpose-built for mission-critical situations and includes features such as:

·       A display optimized for viewing in bright sunshine

·       Screen response optimized for use while wearing gloves

·       A design that works well in a broad range of temperatures

·       A design that works in dusty, as well as damp, environments

·       A superior scanning functionality for barcodes, compared with camera-based options, which produces faster per-scan times and fewer rescans

·       Long battery life that usually supports an entire shift, exchangeable batteries, and multidevice charging solutions

·       Improved device survivability, which is essential when employees depend entirely on the device, and the cost of downtime due to a device failure is high.

Honeywell Full Lineup of Healthcare Solutions

Honeywell Productivity Solutions has been working closely with our healthcare customers to ensure that they have the resources they need to address the frontline issues in real-time. We provide hardware, software and connected solutions that streamline workflows and improves clinician well-being, so you can focus on what's important—patient care. We deliver on this promise through industry-leading mobile computers, data capture devices, cloud-based software and automation solutions. Some of the solutions include:

Honeywell CT40 HC Mobile Computer. The Honeywell CT40 HC Mobile Computer is designed for the healthcare professional. Now you can equip your nurses and other staff with a versatile, productivity tool that's built for healthcare, from construction to capabilities to data security. The CT40 HC mobile computer is an all-purpose device that simplifies, streamlines, and helps error-proof healthcare delivery.

The Honeywell CT40 HC Mobile Computer is certified for the FIPS 140-2 Level 1 security requirements to protect patient data – the highest data security level in its class. The CT40 HC is built on the Mobility Edge™ Platform, our unified mobile computing platform designed for faster IT deployments, optimized business performance, longer lifecycle and more robust security to ensure patient data is protected and secure. In an environment where every second counts, the CT40 HC Mobile Computer is designed to make nursing and other patient care workflows faster, easier and more productive.

ISV Community/ Certification Partnerships. Honeywell has a community of hundreds of software partners and works with key industry leaders to ensure devices are certified and validated for regulatory compliance and seamless integration

Honeywell Operational Intelligence. Honeywell has expanded the feature set of Operational Intelligence with the ability to support the needs of a clinical workforce.

Operational Intelligence software is a remote asset management platform that enables deeper insights – from basic device usage tracking to detecting potential abuse of company assets and more – so your healthcare organization can maximize the value and longevity of your device lifecycle and keep your staff focused on patients. The features include:

·       Check Out/In assigns unique devices or assets to a specific user, creating a chain of custody that provides managers device tracing data. This will provide real-time visibility to each device's location throughout the hospital, thereby eliminating the additional costs and hassle of 'devices that go missing.'

·       Device Cleaning Management gives you the ability to set up configurable cleaning protocols for each asset. Configurations can be per person on an hourly, daily or in-between shift basis. Each cleaning event will be logged with the user, time and date for reporting. Also, the feature can send alerts to clean other assets and areas of the workplace.

·       Remote Control and Remote Wipe give IT administrators the availability to quickly take control of a device in any location to investigate and fix issues remotely and digitally wipe devices to original factory settings, allowing IT professionals to maintain social distances.

Honeywell Smart Talk for Healthcare Communications. Honeywell Smart Talk is a true voice-enabled unified workforce communications application for healthcare organizations that tackles fragmented communications. You receive enterprise-grade security for voice calling, text and media messaging, and user presence.  Smart Talk can be added to Honeywell CT40 HC Mobile Computer or most mobile devices associates already carry. Device-enabled clinicians are always connected and able to access critical patient information – from bedside point of care to the pharmacy, to alert the emergency staff and everywhere in-between. It minimizes contact as staff maintains a safe distance between others while focusing on meeting shopper needs.

You enable smarter communications for the entire hospital operations team from a single mobile device. One device to manage and maintain. One device replacing the need to support and buy consumer mobile phones. With a constant and instant connection, the enabled device allows hospital staff to have the tools and information they need to deliver an exceptional patient care experience.

Honeywell Healthcare Devices with Disinfectant-ready Housing. Honeywell's healthcare product offering includes disinfectant-ready housings (DHRs). DRHs utilize plastics designed to withstand the harshness of frequent cleaning with disinfectants and chemicals without compromising their equipment's lifespan. Honeywell was one of the first manufacturers to introduce DRH to the healthcare market and provided these devices to hospitals and healthcare providers for over a decade.

In addition to the healthcare DRH devices, Honeywell has just introduced a broad range of its most popular scanners, mobile computers, and printers with disinfectant-ready housings (DRHs) for general-purpose applications.

Honeywell EDA51 HC. The Honeywell EDA51 HC mobile computer is designed for light-duty applications in healthcare. It's sleek, easy to use and carry. And it gives you the right combination of features and accessories to deliver excellent, patient-focused care. Key takeaways include:

·       Disinfectant-ready housing and connectors are specifically designed to withstand frequent exposure to cleaning solutions recommended for the healthcare industry.

·       Great, low-cost option when the price is a factor

·       Easily capture 1D/2D barcode data, even if damaged, with the high-performance N3601 imager, and document everything with the autofocus 13 MP color camera.

·       Comes with Android O and is technically compatible through Android Q, protecting your investment for the future.

·       Easy to use and carry, with a 5-inch touchscreen and intuitive smartphone interface in a lightweight, comfortable, and pocketable design.

Healthcare Case for iPhone. The Captuvo SL42h enterprise sled encases the Apple iPhone® 7, 6 or 6s with an industry-leading, integrated barcode scanner and protective, disinfectant-ready housing. The result? A superior tool for clinician workflows.

·       Disinfectant-ready housing and connectors are specifically designed to withstand frequent exposure to cleaning solutions recommended for the healthcare industry.

·       Reduces the number of devices healthcare and IT professionals have to manage and effectively care for patients.

·       Increases productivity and throughput with an integrated and easy-to-use imager that provides aggressive scanning of linear and 2D bar codes.

·       Charges the iPhone ensuring maximum uptime with easy access swappable battery.

·       Assists enterprises to remotely manage deployed iOS devices, lowering the total cost of ownership with RemoteMasterMind™ 4.0 software.

Making Invocation Work within Your Budget. Honeywell-as-a-Service is an offering that helps you navigate technology challenges. It provides you with an innovative approach to acquire software, hardware, and services and pay for them through a monthly payment with no upfront capital outlay.

To learn how to help transform your patient care through the latest technology solutions, contact a Honeywell representative at 800-537-6945.

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Barry J. Ewell

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