Honeywell Introduces Supply Chain Suite to Help Enterprises Leverage their IoT Investments


Honeywell Introduces Supply Chain Suite to Help Enterprises Leverage their IoT Investments

Across the supply chain, enterprises invest in IoT platforms, software and purpose-built devices to monitor, optimize, and manage assets and resources to leverage data and improve business processes and communications. According to Gartner1, two factors drive organizational choices for their investments which include the technical expertise of the vendor and strength of the platform/technology suite. The core capabilities for these investments need to be able to address:

  • Device management
  • Integration
  • Data management
  • Communications
  • Analytics
  • Application enablement and management
  • Security
  • Ease of implementation and use
  • Deployment options

These resources provide the supply chain management end-to-end, real-time visibility into their workflows, orders, shipments, and inventories. This visibility offers critical data about what is happening in and outside the four walls of an organization to help control their end-to-end processes with the correct information at the right time.

At Honeywell, we are engaged daily with our global customer base of varying sizes and verticals, helping them improve visibility to optimize operations performance in real-time and deliver a delightful customer experience. We have first-hand knowledge of how enterprises want to use their purpose-built devices to make supply chains faster and more efficient and workers more productive and safer. Our solutions are used to manage the complete lifecycle, operational visibility, and performance analysis of assets, people, and tasks to deliver actionable insights that enable customers to move from reactive fire-fighting to real-time problem solving end-to-end operational visibility.

Honeywell Introduces Supply Chain Software Suite

Honeywell has released a suite of enhanced supply chain software featuring digital disruptors to provide a powerful solution to help enterprises achieve their need for increased efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences.

The suite is installed on Honeywell mobile computers such as the Mobility Edge platform ruggedized mobile computers: Honeywell CT40, CT40XP, CT60, CT60XP, CN80, CN80G, CK65, RT10A, and Thor VM1A, and VM3A. Managers and workers alike can receive real-time visibility across the operation. Managers can make automated data-driven decisions on the fly using machine learning insights to help solve and keep problematic situations from happening. The suite includes Fareye, Honeywell Operational Intelligence, and Honeywell Smart Talk.

The three solutions have an open API architecture, allowing businesses to integrate these applications with other work-essential software providing a seamless two-way flow of information. Greater visibility can be achieved through centralizing data that usually scattered throughout the organization giving workers greater transparency when having access to real-time data.

Let's take a closer look at each offering of the Supply Chain Software suite.

FarEye, Realtime logistics and Supply Chain Visibility Software

Honeywell has partnered with FarEye, a robust predictive logistics SaaS platform. Honeywell's partnership with FarEye provides a single delivery management solution powered by Honeywell mobile computers and FarEye's intelligent delivery management platform. The partnership empowers enterprises to have complete visibility of goods while in transit from the manufacturing facility right through to the final destination with seamless integration with multiple data sources across the supply chain.

This means businesses can manage, track, and monitor their delivery operations anytime, anywhere, with real-time visibility to optimize the movement of goods from the first mile to the last mile, improve operations performance in real-time, and deliver a customer-centric experience. FarEye software optimizes logistics through:

Real-time visibility. Provide real-time visibility to all stakeholders, enabling data-driven predictive decisions and providing superior customer service for successful first-time deliveries. Capabilities include:

  • Customer Branding
  • Live ETA Visibility
  • Personalized Recommendation
  • Intelligent & Secured Communication
  • Enable Customer Feedback.

Driver orchestration. Leverage a broader delivery ecosystem to increase coverage, drive efficiency and fulfill variable demand. Seamlessly onboard, manage and allocate jobs to partners and crowdsource drivers. Capabilities include:

  • Driver registration
  • Integration with On-Demand Delivery Service Providers
  • Roster planning
  • Rule-based intelligent allocation
  • Incentive management.

Intelligent carrier selection. Make better-informed carrier selection decisions to accomplish deliveries at contracted prices and make the best use of all the carrier options you have with data. Capabilities include:

  • Digital contracts
  • Rule-based carrier selection
  • Intelligent Dispatch Plan
  • Improved Capacity Utilization
  • Cross Docking.

Real-time customer scheduling. Empower your customers to schedule deliveries at their convenience and orchestrate deliveries based on the capacity to deliver a superior, state-of-the-art customer experience. Capabilities include:

  • Direct link with customer's eCommerce
  • Dynamic slot booking
  • Special delivery instructions
  • Automated route allocation
  • Real-time Sync with calendars.

Predictive management. Enable proactive cost controls and service enhancement with event alerts and notifications to trigger action to ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are met. User customizable Workflow Engine to assign task and receiver input to drive operations and make informed decisions. Capabilities include:

  • Customer definable workflows
  • Exception management w/ escalations
  • Predictive ETA.
  • Pre-arrival notifications
  • Business rules (ex. excess idling, (un)loading/ transit delay, route deviations, disconnections).

Honeywell's Operational Intelligence, IT asset management and optimization
Honeywell Operational Intelligence is a centralized, cloud-based platform to manage the complete lifecycle, operational visibility and performance information of assets, people and tasks. It bridges the productivity gap commonly missed by asset management or mobile device management solutions. The software platform enables workers and enterprises to predict upcoming problems before they happen and gain critical business insights. The software now has a Smart Actions feature, alerting workers on how to resolve and address business issues – be it hardware issues or ensuring social distancing guidelines are being met – when they happen. Honeywell Operational Intelligence is the sum of what our customers told us they needed for a robust solution to manage their mobile device fleet's operational lifecycle's productivity. Offering highlights include:

  • Standardize IT Asset Data. All IT assets can be loaded in a single database by serial number accessible via a web interface. You can organize your equipment list by model, type, location and more. And you can keep track of asset warranty and service contract terms and renewal dates.
  • Optimize IT Asset Inventory. Tracks software licenses and version levels of your IT assets.
  • Manage RMAs and SLAs. Standardize your RMA process to eliminate No Fault Found (NFF) and lost equipment. And "right-size" your spare pool inventory and "right-place" your IT assets across sites.
  • Device Performance Monitoring. You can automatically collect performance data from Honeywell devices such as mobile computers, printers and barcode scanners. View a detailed device performance analysis dashboard, including battery health, scan and print volumes, and device usage levels. And you are provided a real-time view of software, firmware and security update versions.
  • Event Monitor/Alert Manager. Logs device events such as printer out of media and battery swap.
  • Device Drop Detection. Logs and timestamps all mobile computer drop events.
  • Health Crisis Response. You have social distance and proximity detection, device cleaning manager, asset checkout/check-in and device remote control and system wipe.
  • Software Updates and Remote Configuration. Push out the new operating system and firmware updates, including new device configuration files.
  • Lost Device Recovery. Device Finder quickly finds lost Mobility Edge devices that are on or offline.
  • Advanced Bad Battery Elimination. The mobile application detects and eliminates bad batteries due for replacement.
  • Worker Insights. Automatically collects device data and associates it with individual workers. And provides data analysis tools for measuring worker behavior.
  • Worker Time Studies. Supports creating worker time studies.
  • AI-based Optimizations. Artificial Intelligence-based analysis of processes and worker productivity

Honeywell Smart Talk, Unified Workforce Communications
Honeywell Smart Talk is a unified workforce communications solution that tackles the problem of fragmented communications, with enterprise-grade security for voice calls, text and media messaging, and user presence – all from one device. Honeywell Smart Talk connects you to your existing phone system. Using your existing network and contact list, workers can make and receive high-quality voice-over IP (VoIP) calls over a Wi-Fi or cellular data network connection, ensuring you the best call quality whether speaking with a customer or an employee. Honeywell Smart Talk clients are trusted, secure applications that act as an extension to your locally hosted or cloud-based PBX. It's the perfect solution for small or large enterprises battling the growing demands of a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and mobile workforce. Offering highlights include:

  • Superior Call Experience. Smart Talk provides seamless call continuity between Wi-Fi and cellular, network monitoring and MOS score rating on every call. It supports a wide range of audio codecs, including OPUS and SILK. The value is seamless roaming and superior audio quality for an improved user experience.
  • Advanced Enterprise Security. Smart Talk provides voice and messaging encryption, TLS, and Mutual TLS environments supported, MDM ready to lock or remotely wipe containers, and secure RTP support to encrypt video and audio media streams. You can safeguard company information and employee data.
  • Rapid Onboarding. Smart Talk provides interoperability with 100+ SIP-based call servers, PBX and hosted providers. The operating system is agnostic (Apple® iOS, Android™, Windows®), platform-agnostic (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet) and LDAP leveraged to provision users quickly. The benefit is reduced implementation costs, faster deployments.
  • Manufacture Agnostic. Smart Talk provides hosted and on-premise deployments, corporate branding available, subscription and perpetual licensing and a full suite of communications (chat, video, VoIP, PTT). You have scalability across the entire business and existing device estate.

Honeywell develops and deploys an innovative range of solutions, software and services that help keep people healthy, workers and workplaces safer and more productive, and supply chains and assets more efficient, accurate and reliable. For more information, visit sps.honeywell.com.

1Source: Gartner, Critical Capabilities for Industrial IoT Platforms, 2020, Alfonso Velosa, Eric Goodness, Ted Friedman, Emil Berthelsen, Peter Havart-Simkin, Katell Thielemann, Scot Kim., Published 26 October 2020.

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