How Honeywell’s CT47 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer Helps Maximize ROI

CT47 Handheld Computer
CT47 Handheld Computer

How Honeywell’s CT47 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer Helps Maximize ROI

Industrial Enterprises are pursuing a path of digital transformation, with mobile computing forming a critical element of that journey. In fact, KBV Research shows that the mobile computing market is expected to reach $6 billion by 2027.

Honeywell’s CT47 ultra-rugged mobile computer meets the needs of industrial enterprises by helping ensure a maximum return on investment (ROI) and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). These goals are vital to the success of a mobile computing project due to the high initial investment cost of mobile technology. A key to maximizing the ROI for mobile devices is to extend the life of a device as long as possible. Two critical factors in achieving this longevity are selecting a device that is both future-proof and backward-compatible.


Communication technology is evolving at a rapid rate. According to the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GMSA), 5G networks will cover about one-third of the global population by 2025. At the same time, Frost & Sullivan predict that the private cellular network market will grow at a CAGR of 28.1% from 2021 to 2026. Wi-Fi technology is also expanding, with the market expected to grow from US$1 billion in 2023 to US$24.2 billion by 2030, according to Market And Markets.

Private cellular networks and Wi-Fi technology will dominate the communications infrastructure for the years to come, making it imperative for future-proof mobile devices to support this technology. The Honeywell CT47 device is already equipped with the latest cellular and Wi-Fi technology, helping ensure that the devices can still be used long into the future.

Backward Compatible

Backward compatibility is also vital to extend the life of mobile devices for enterprises. New devices should remain compatible with older operating system versions so that the device does not need to be changed out prematurely.

Honeywell’s Sentinel program helps businesses by supporting Android OS updates for a further five years after Google ends its support. The CT47 is compatible with Android OS from versions 12 to 16, and Honeywell offers a five-year lifecycle for the devices with service and support to 2033. The CT47 offers an enhanced lifecycle to reduce total cost of ownership, which can be helpful to businesses looking to reduce their IT spend. A universal ecosystem of accessories

Disparate systems need disparate accessories, which adds to the TCO of a mobile computing solution. For example, charging stations from different vendors are usually incompatible with other devices, making it necessary to duplicate the charging infrastructure. However, many Honeywell devices use universal dock chargers, which are adaptable through the use of easily swappable cups. This approach takes advantage of economies of scale and allows our customers optimum efficiency in investing in these accessories.

Other accessories also contribute to the reliability and longevity of CT47 devices. High-vis protective boots provide extra protection for the device and limit drop damage. This protection is critical for enterprise applications as VDC research indicates that dropping devices is a leading cause of device issues.

The CT47 device is adaptable to multiple use-cases through the addition of accessories. Ring scanners and vehicle docks allow the same device to be used for several business functions, thus reducing the need for complex integration of different vendor solutions.


Industrial enterprises are pursuing a path of digital transformation, with mobile computing solutions playing a significant role in their transition. Investments in this technology are expensive, and organizations are aggressively searching for ways to minimize their TCO and maximize their ROI.

Honeywell’s CT47 ultra-rugged mobile computers meet the needs of industrial applications by helping to maximize the lifespan of the device. CT47 devices are backward-compatible and future-proof. They come with a universal ecosystem of accessories that support versatility, durability and reliability of the device.

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