How Honeywell / FarEye Partnership Empowers Enterprise Real-time Visibility in the Supply Chain


How Honeywell / FarEye Partnership Empowers Enterprise Real-time Visibility in the Supply Chain

With the exponential increase in customer demands, technological advancements and fierce competition, workers throughout the supply chain are now under heightened pressure to speed up order fulfillment and optimize operations. Mobile workers are being tasked to work smarter and faster. These pressures can reveal themselves downstream as a poor customer experience with challenges like delivery delays, lack of flexible delivery times, inaccurate addresses and first attempt failures within last-mile deliveries.

Visibility in the Supply Chain

At Honeywell, we are engaged daily with our global customer base of every size and vertical, helping them answer and solve visibility in the supply chain questions like:

·       How can we provide customer-centric experiences in scheduled collections, in-transit visibility/predictability, and delivery?

·       How can we utilize routing, planning and scheduling systems today?

·       What solutions are we reviewing to reduce costs in areas like routing and scheduling, cross-dock operations, workflow optimization, customer service costs?

·       How do we adapt to eCommerce growth to provide faster and more convenient deliveries?

·       How do we improve operational coordination and delivery intelligence to increase productivity?

·       How are we using or planning to use mobile technology to improve customer experience?

Honeywell Partnering with FarEye for Real-time Supply Chain Visibility

Honeywell has partnered with FarEye, a robust predictive logistics SaaS platform. Honeywell's partnership with FarEye provides a single delivery management solution powered by Honeywell mobile computers and FarEye's intelligent delivery management platform. The partnership empowers enterprises to have complete visibility of goods while in transit from the plant right through to the final destination with seamless integration with all available data sources.

This means businesses can manage, track, and monitor their delivery operations anytime, anywhere, with real-time visibility to optimize the movement of goods from the first mile to the last mile, improve operations performance in real-time, and deliver a customer-centric experience. FarEye software can optimize logistics through:

·       Advanced Last-Mile Execution Platform. FarEye is an effective last-mile execution platform with sophisticated routing algorithms (loop optimization, dynamic routing) to enable driver efficiency, customer satisfaction and cost savings.

·       Actionable Predictive Visibility Platform. FarEye provides a real-time transport visibility platform that helps manufacturers, shippers and transporters achieve end-to-end predictive visibility through IoT-driven tracking of assets and shipments.

·       Improved customer-friendly experience across the purchase journey. FarEye is an integrated web and mobile platform for retailers to deliver a superior customer experience by personalizing deliveries, post-purchase experience and real-time visibility. FarEye software is multilingual, and its mobile app (both iOS and Android 1) can adapt to geographic-specific logistics processes.

Honeywell / FarEye Partnership In Action

Let's take a closer look at a few verticals within the supply chain to understand how the Honeywell/FarEye partnership helps drive competitive advantage through improved visibility, reduced costs, improved worker and partner performance and enhanced customer experience.

Courier, Express and Parcel. Most courier, express and parcel companies are faced with achieving cost-optimized on-time deliveries in a climate of rising market competitiveness and customer expectations. This requires seamless visual orchestration of digital delivery operations. FarEye provides a flexible delivery SaaS modular platform with features like:

·       Optimal allocation of orders and most efficient routing

·       Reduction in empty miles and improves first-attempt success

·       App-enabled driver operations for smoother and organized deliveries

·       Improved customer experience

·       Real-time track and trace functionality for customers and stakeholders

·       Detailed chain of custody visibility from the warehouse to last-mile driver

·       Data-driven predictive decisions

Retailers. Today's retailers face omnichannel complexities with exponential growth and managing a logistics framework that differentiates them from competition to boost customer expectations and ensuring a smooth customer experience. This translates into the need for visibility of goods in transit, a robust last-mile delivery setup, and an optimized mid-mile-warehouse/DC-to-store integration for timely inventory availability at the storefront.  FarEye provides cost-effective retail solutions to drive superior customer experiences with features like:

·       Optimized mid-mile-warehouse/DC-to-store integration for timely availability of inventory at the storefront

·       Effective management of driver schedules

·       Automated allocation and machine-learning driven routing

·       Consolidated carrier management

·       Seamless integration into the in-house tech stack

eCommerce. Of all industry segments, eCommerce is among the sectors where customer experience and growth benchmarks are steadily rising. Companies face the balancing act of managing operations in a technology-driven, innovation-first manner and delivering a top-level customer experience. This equates to the need for achieving operational logistic efficiency. FarEye provides a scalable SaaS platform for eCommerce operations with features like:

·       Robust machine-learning eCommerce logistics platform

·       Ability to achieve a higher number of on-time deliveries with a high degree of accuracy in Expected Time of Arrivals (ETAs)

·       An improved customer experience that includes customer flexibility for picking delivery times, live event tracking and communicating with drivers

·       Chatbox technology integration with a variety of messenger tools

·       Intelligent 3PL partner selection by leveraging data-driven carrier allocation capabilities

·       Pre-built integrations with major IT systems such as ERP, CRM, WMS, OMS.

·       Seamless information interchange between shipper and carriers

·       Detailed chain of custody visibility from the warehouse to last-mile driver

·       Post-delivery customer ranking of the experience

Manufacturing. Manufacturing depends on inbound and outbound logistics visibility for efficiently managing production planning. This requires predictive visibility with real-time ETAs to improve plant operations and yard management. And the carriers, who partner with the manufacturers, are accountable through SLAs to drive performance and need visibility into mitigating in-transit logistic threats. FarEye provides multi-modal predictive visibility and improved production planning with features like:

·       Track and trace real-time visibility for each shipment with predictive ETAs

·       Help in avoiding transit risks such as threats and pilferage by detecting unauthorized stoppages and route deviations

·       Helps drive on-time deliveries with adherence to pre-planned break times, authorized fuel stations and pre-planned routes.

·       Seamless cross-border logistics visibility

·       Data-driven carrier partner accountability for SLA adherence and the estimated time of arrival versus actual time of arrival variance

·       Help with making informed carrier selection decisions

Food and Grocery. Food and grocery experience severe on-demand fluctuations with the delivery of perishables from customers who expect a smooth, error-free experience.  Visibility helps organizations manage drivers and establish profitable engagement models like crowdsourcing, deliver delightful/superior customer experiences and safety with 100% contactless deliveries. The FarEye solution provides a customizable contactless delivery platform with features like:

·       Crowdsourcing app to easily onboard crowdsourced drivers

·       Safety and security for customers and staff through non-contact deliveries

·       Digital wallet integrations for cash-free payments

·       Temperature tracking of delivery staff

·       Dynamic roster planning to help sort allocation issues based on driver availability

·       Integration with HRMS platforms

·       Performance management with gamification

·       Improved customer experience that includes customer flexibility for picking delivery times, live event tracking and communicating with drivers

·       Post Delivery customer ranking of the experience

Warehousing/DC. Warehousing and DCs are the connecting points of goods moving through the supply chain to the customer.  This requires real-time visibility of inbound goods/materials, reconciliation of inventory (orders vs. receipts vs. dispatch) and optimizing cross-dock operations. The FarEye solution provides features like:

·        Customer Scheduling – linking with your customer's customer website for the end consignee to schedule a delivery time

·        Collection modules

·        Cross-dock operations

·        Linehaul / mid-mile visibility

·        Real-time Dynamic Route Optimization

·        Driver workflow management and ePOD solution, including contactless and even driver temperature monitoring

·        Customer Communication, with customer live tracking events

·        Post-delivery customer ranking of the experience


Honeywell's partnership with FarEye optimizes multi-step delivery processes to help businesses improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary delays that diminish profits and decrease customer satisfaction. Together, we can positively impact companies with the disruptive power of Honeywell technologies and FarEye's intelligent delivery management platform.

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