How Honeywell is Helping to Shape the Future of Our Customers Operations

How Honeywell is Helping to Shape the Future of Our Customers Operations

How do businesses safely return to the traditional workplace during a health crisis? Worker health and safety is a top priority for businesses. And workers are wanting to be confident that their employers are doing everything possible to protect them.

Honeywell has been on the forefront working closely with our customers across the globe to understand their specific needs for

  • Adhering to new safety and health protocols
  • Protecting workers when performing workflow responsibilities
  • Bridging technology gaps needed for safer work environments

This represents over half a billion workers representing industries such as retail, healthcare, warehouse/DC and transportation and logistics. In response, Honeywell has launched a comprehensive effort to quickly develop solutions that support our customer’s needs with device and software innovation, applying technology advances in new ways and leveraging our global partner network.

Honeywell is committed to helping people return to traditional work environments by delivering new solutions that address their most current challenges. Solutions include:

Software to Address Health and Safety Requirements.

Honeywell has expanded the feature set of Operational Intelligence with ability to monitor on-site social distancing compliance, help enforce customizable device cleaning procedures and deploy software to digitally trace who has handled each device. This expanded functionality gives employees the data they need at their fingertips to act quickly, increasing worker productivity and decreasing device downtime while reducing frequency of contact or touch. The features include:

  • Social Distancing Proximity Detection allows organizations to prioritize and monitor social distancing practices. The feature monitors the proximity between Honeywell devices and logs alerts, allowing frontline workers to promote social distancing and adhere to safety guidelines.
  • Check Out/In and Device Cleaning Management establishes processes to check out and in devices during a worker’s shift, giving employers device tracing data and alerting workers on when to clean workplace assets. The feature can also send alerts to clean other assets and areas of the worksite.
  • Remote Control and Remote Wipe give IT administrators the availability to quickly take control of a device in any location to investigate and fix issues remotely and digitally wipe devices to original factory settings.
  • Customer Counter device users share real-time data to employees at multiple entrances of a store to remain in-sync and count as customers enter and exit.

These features provide employees and managers with real-time data to better respond to critical factors for businesses re-opening under modified conditions due to rapidly evolving health and safety guidelines. The Honeywell Operational Intelligence features combined with an expanded disinfectant-ready housings device portfolio can help businesses lay the groundwork to create a healthier workplace.

Honeywell General Purpose Devices with Disinfectant-Ready Housing.

Honeywell is introducing a broad range of its most commonly used scanners, mobile computers, and printers with disinfectant-ready housings (DRH) for general purpose applications.

This is the same DRH that Honeywell designed to withstand the rigorous cleaning protocols required to address the infection and disease control needs of the healthcare industry. Disinfectant-ready housing has been used in the healthcare industry for more than a decade.

These devices can be used throughout the warehouse, logistics and retail industries with the same ease of use as standard Honeywell products but can standup to rigorous cleaning protocols.  For more information see:

Smart Talk for Workforce Communications.

Honeywell Smart Talk is a true voice-enabled unified workforce communications application that tackles the problem of fragmented communications. You receive enterprise-grade security for voice calling, text and media messaging, and user presence.  It can be added to Honeywell CT40 Mobile Computer or to most types of mobile devices workers already carry. It minimizes employee contact for device enabled employees as they continue to maintain distance between others, while keeping their focus on meeting team and customer needs.  

For more information, visit “Helping Our Customers Get Back to Work” or Contact Honeywell Solutions Experts today! Call 1-800-934-3163.

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Barry J. Ewell

Barry J. Ewell is a Senior Content Marketing Communications Specialist for Honeywell Industrial Automation. He has been researching and writing on supply chain topics since 1991.