How the New Honeywell Presentation Scanner Helps Improve In-Store Experience and Productivity

How the New Honeywell Presentation Scanner Helps Improve In-Store Experience and Productivity

Presentation scanners have a long history of being the go-to scanner for a wide variety of workflows in retail, hospitability, and customer service that require a large scanning target area, a high-level of snappiness and a positive customer experience. Honeywell just took the presentation scanner to the next level of performance. The introduction of the Honeywell Genesis™ XP 7680g is a hands-free modular presentation scanner that delivers an impactful customer experience while increasing in-store productivity.

Presentation scanners are designed to be stationary and sit on the counter or be integrated into fix-mount enclosures and provide a hands-free scanning experience. The scanner offers an “Omni-directional” scan pattern that can scan from any angle. This capability provides the associate or customer a hassle-free experience as they “present” barcodes, licenses, documents and more to the device to be automatically read.

The Honeywell Genesis XP 7680g presentation scanner provides excellent performance and a fantastic customer experience and is ideal for

·       Point-of-sale transactions for single-location workflows where there is limited space at the checkout counter, such as boutique retail, fast food, small-format grocery, and convenience stores and gas stations.

·       Kiosk integration for applications such as price checking, coupon scanning, self-checkout, reading mobile device displays (tickets, coupons), and mobile payments.

·       Identify processing workflows such as marketing loyalty programs, identity verification and access control management, processing tickets.

·       Capture and storage of digital images for printed documents, coupons, personal checks, and even damaged packages.

How Honeywell Presentation Scanner Improves Instore Experience

Honeywell’s new Genesis XP 7680G is an excellent solution for single-location workflows in high-volume and mobile phone scanning environments. Some key features in design and performance include:

Extreme (XP) Performance. Up to 20% faster-scanning speed when compared with current Honeywell hands-free scanners. It has a larger scanning area backed by Honeywell’s proven XP technology. Honeywell’s field-proven XP technology handles poorly printed and damaged barcodes with ease on any medium. Featuring a full one-megapixel imager and fast processor, the Genesis XP reads barcodes fast and handles a high level of motion tolerance resulting in fewer repeat scans, keeping employees productive and efficient.  Some of the key design elements include:

·       Large 1280 x 800 image sensor

·       Fast scanning – Top-level snappiness

·       Resolution down to 3mil with excellent depth-of-field

·       Superb motion tolerance of 4m/s

·       Print contrast down to 20%

·       IR Object Detection – Illumination toggle with full-on/off

·       Large scanning sweet spot

Fantastic Customer Experience.  The scanning user experience is an essential element for hassle-free customer engagement. Honeywell has improved the user experience by introducing the 360 tri-color LED ring intuitive targeting + feedback.

The 360° tri-color LED ring highlights the scanning target area and provides clear user feedback, offering an intuitive experience for both employees and customers.

The scanning user experience is a key element for enjoyable customer engagement.  The warm, white light illumination is more pleasing to the eye than the red illumination commonly used in other scanners.  The automatic object detection feature turns the illumination completely off between scans, so the scanner is not a distraction.

Modern Design with Compact, Flexible Footprint. The scanner aesthetics design is ultra-modern with easy to clean, disinfectant-ready plastics built with IP52 ingress protection to protect the scanner in dirty environments.  The rugged design, backed by testing to rigorous drop and tumble specifications, ensure the Genesis XP will provide long, reliable service even in challenging environments.

The compact design is optimal for use in workflows where counter space is limited. The scanner integrates into existing hardware with various accessories. The removable and adjustable compact stand and angled cable attachment point will allow the device to be placed almost anywhere.

The Genesis XP also supports handheld scanning applications such as picking a UPC from a printed list. A top-mounted button is ideally placed for triggered, handheld scanning applications.

Future Flexibility and Backwards Compatibility.  A line of additional smart placement accessories will be available for the Genesis XP supporting wall mount, POS mount, and downward-facing installations. A built-in auxiliary expansion port will support future smart accessories, adapting to future needs and requirements.  If there are changes in workflow, POS design and technology needs, no problem, replace the accessory, not the scanner.

The Genesis XP is compatible with Honeywell’s comprehensive suite of software tools, plugins and the Operational Intelligence platform. 

The Genesis XP 7680g is backward compatible with existing cabling and rapidly configurable with Honeywell’s suite of software tools and plugins such as EZ Config, SMU, OPOS/JPOS drivers, Easy DL and EasyParse1 for GS1.

Honeywell’s new Genesis XP 7680G modular presentation scanner is the ideal solution for single-location workflows in high-volume and mobile phone scanning environments. The scanner features a 20% faster-scanning speed and larger scanning area than our current offering and features Honeywell’s field-proven XP technology. The scanner captures everything from 1D and 2D barcodes to documents, licenses and more on any medium and in any condition.

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