How to Use Honeywell’s Guided Work—Retail for Click and Collect

How to Use Honeywell’s Guided Work—Retail for Click and Collect

Honeywell's Guided Work for Retail is a simple yet powerful solution that voice-enables workflows in retail, allowing associates to work eyes-free and hands-free. Supermarkets, hypermarkets, and do-it-yourself are among the many retail environments where this solution is a perfect fit. It is a perfect fit for the independent worker who is focused on tasks like click and collect.

Guided Work for Retail allows for multiple forms of input, including voice data capture, barcode scanning and keyboard data entry, which improves productivity, accuracy and consistency.  For example,

  • In-store picking. Deliver on the click-and-collect promise. Two-way verbal dialogue directs and tracks order-fulfillment work to meet service-level agreements and maximize labor productivity. The screen can supplement verbal instruction and employees can receive suggestions for an alternative if a substitute item is needed.
  • Gap scanning. Enable store associates to act fast in the event they notice an item is out of stock. Simply scan the shelf tab to automatically create a list of items in need of replenishment from backroom storage.

Honeywell’s mobile computers, including the Honeywell CT40 on the Mobility Edge™ platform, integrate with our Guided Work for Retail solution to help keep associates on task as well as in sync with other associates and store operations (planograms, in-store merchandising, inventory lookup for customers on the sales floor and more).  The Guided work for Retail also integrates with qualified third-party Android/iOS mobile devices.

This all comes together to drive greater efficiency and productivity for in-store operations and improve the customer experience. Step-by-step instruction and natural voice dialogue reduce training time for new associates and/or temporary labor, while driving consistent execution. Managers can determine clear accountability, with software tracking both the assignment of tasks and acknowledgement by employees and take advantage of greater inventory visibility by tracking products from dock to shelf.

Operational visibility and predictability go hand in hand. Management can measure and plan more effectively, such as in, build an understanding of how long certain tasks take, leading to better estimates of order readiness for in-store pickup. This data then fuels labor models to build staffing requirements, determining how much labor is necessary to fulfill orders and run normal store operations. Ultimately, this fuels data-driven decisions to avoid overstaffing while ensuring on-time, accurate order fulfillment and an optimal checkout experience.

Click and Collect example of Guide Work in use.  Let’s look at a traditional, Click and Collect for a supermarket.  A typical supermarket order is between 40 and 50 items averaging $175-200.  It takes an average associate one hour to pick this order.  Using Honeywell’s Guided Work for Retail, that associate productivity will improve up to 35%.  With this improvement, the supermarket can either reallocate the savings in labor to other value-added activities or increase the number of orders the store can process each day. If the store is processing 20 orders a day, they can now increase to 25 orders per day which is an increase of $1,000 in revenue. When you extrapolate that increase performance across a week and year, each store is able to realize a substantial increase in order fulfilment revenue. 

Guided Work for Retail Benefits. With a Guided Work for Retail solution in-place, key performance indicators like order accuracy, productivity, and out-of-stocks significantly improve.  For example:

  • Inventory accuracy. Take control of inventory from dock to shelf with system-driven receiving, staging and restocking; achieve DC-like inventory accuracy levels of 99.7+ percent.
  • Combining processes. Combining processes, such as changing price labels while stocking, and using mobile computing to drive in-store fulfillment reduces travel time and increases worker productivity by up to 20%.
  • Productivity Gains. Achieve maximum efficiency by gaining up to 35% productivity improvements by leveraging voice-directed work in your operation. This is accomplished by focusing your workers on the tasks in a hands-free, eyes-up manner.
  • Click and collect order fulfillment. Give your customers the error-free orders and seamless experience they demand, from order receipt to packing and shipping.
  • System-driven restocking. System-driven restocking proactively alerts store associates and can cut out-of-stocks on shelves by 25%. This greater shelf availability can increase in-store sales by 1% – depending on the size of the retailer, this can translate into millions of dollars in extra revenue per year.
  • Visibility and predictability. Every function of the in-store and back-of-store order fulfillment process and labor efficiency can be tracked and measured to identify how long it takes to perform tasks, allowing you to optimize your operations and ensuring you can focus on your customers.

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Barry J. Ewell

Barry J. Ewell is a Senior Content Marketing Communications Specialist for Honeywell Industrial Automation. He has been researching and writing on supply chain topics since 1991.