Streamline Workflows and Empower Clinicians at HIMSS 2023

Streamline Workflows and Empower Clinicians at HIMSS 2023

In April, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) will host its annual Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Chicago. At HIMSS, more than 40,000 professionals across the healthcare ecosystem will gather to discuss health information technology trends, learn from each other and discover innovative products that help solve some of the industry’s top challenges.

At Honeywell, we have supported the healthcare sector for decades, and we look forward to attending HIMSS. We work with customers throughout the healthcare ecosystem—from hospitals and clinics to manufacturers of medical equipment—to help them address their most pressing needs.

In our work with providers, we have found that one of their greatest challenges is empowering clinicians to do what they do best: clinical care. The ultimate goal is for clinicians to spend the bulk of their time working with patients to improve their health and save lives; yet, there are often roadblocks in the way that inhibit both productivity and job satisfaction, whether it’s fragmented communication, slow technology or inability to access the information they need when and where they need it.

Our solutions help to break down these barriers and streamline workflows for clinicians so they can keep their primary focus on the patient experience. At HIMSS this year, we will be featuring several of our latest and greatest solutions for healthcare, including the following:   

·       Our CT30 XP HC (Healthcare) Mobile Computer is Honeywell’s newest healthcare mobility offering. It empowers clinicians by providing quick access to patient information, intuitive team communication and high-accuracy scanning, enabling prompt and personalized patient care. The CT30 XP HC has won a number of awards, including a 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Award as the Best Clinical Administration Hardware Device and design awards from both Red Dot and iF Design. The device is lightweight and pocketable, making it easy for nurses to carry on long shifts. It offers a user experience similar to that of a consumer phone, making it easier for new hires and travel nurses to become accustomed to the device, without compromising the requirements healthcare IT teams need.

·       Our Xenon Ultra Scanner incorporates Honeywell’s next generation of scanning capability, making it easier and quicker to scan anything from an IV bag to a patient wrist band. The scanner offers a speedy and high-accuracy solution for nurses when they are scanning medication and identifying barcodes, helping to lower the total cost of ownership for hospitals. The scanner’s external Anti-Microbial Housing is made with silver-ion additives to improve its resilience to frequent cleanings and discourage the growth of germs and bacteria. Patient Do-Not Disturb and Vibration settings help maintain clinician productivity and reduce patient disturbances. Since the scanner was designed using clinician feedback, it incorporates features like fewer nooks and crannies for sanitation purposes and a smaller overall size to take up less space on a nurse’s workstation.   

·       Our Real Time Health System (RTHS) is used for remote and in-hospital patient monitoring, acting as a bridge between the caregiver and patient. A wireless patient device can be paired with the RTHS app. The system enables real-time patient vital sign monitoring of respiratory and heart rate, skin temperature and posture. The continuous monitoring reduces the need for periodical collection of vitals, thereby decreasing the number of routine trips the clinician must make to the patient’s room. The Real Time Health System integrates with various software systems within a hospital setting, such as the electronic health record (EHR), helping to create seamless interoperability across the health system and care team.

·       Our SwiftDecoder™ Software brings patient safety to the forefront of healthcare applications by helping reduce medical errors and connecting patients to the right care at the right time. SwiftDecoder is an easy-to-integrate software development kit (SDK) that offers developers optimal barcode decoding, optical character recognition (OCR), Augmented Reality and other machine vision capabilities. SwiftDecoder’s advanced image processing algorithms are capable of decoding barcodes by quickly capturing, processing and correcting image defects, enabling clinicians to seamlessly scan at various distances regardless of the quality of the barcode. By leveraging the optics of any device coupled with our advanced technology, SwiftDecoder™ can help achieve maximum performance, optimizing a variety of healthcare workflows including, patient check-in, bedside scanning, pharmacy and laboratory management, inventory tracking and more.

Visit us at Booth #609 from April 18-20 to learn more about these and other Honeywell solutions for healthcare and see the technology in action. We look forward to discussing how we can help you achieve your productivity and efficiency goals while keeping patient care and clinician satisfaction at the forefront.

At our in-booth happy hour on Tuesday, April 18 from 4 PM to 6 PM, we will be showcasing the Xenon Ultra 1960h, designed specifically for improving healthcare workflows! Order your Xenon Ultra 1960 corded scanner today, and stay tuned for the Bluetooth cordless device.