Three Takeaways from HIMSS 2023

Three Takeaways from HIMSS 2023

The 2023 installment of HIMSS in Chicago, saw a strong turnout, with attendance levels returning to near pre-pandemic levels – all to see the latest innovations coming to healthcare. We were eager to meet with vendors and attendees alike to showcase our latest creations that are designed to reshape today’s healthcare environment. Across the three-day event, we had many engaging discussions about the four challenges facing the modern healthcare organization and how to break down barriers to care. From those conversations, we left feeling invigorated, strengthened, and confident in our ability to deliver and exceed today’s healthcare demands. Here are three takeaways sharing what we learned from HIMSS 2023 and why we’re excited for what’s in store for healthcare this year and beyond.

1) Technology forging a path in healthcare

The healthcare industry has quickly transformed itself into a space full of innovation, futuristic ideas, and transformative workflows. This new mindset is evolving how care is delivered, where it can be received, and by whom care can be given. Why is this exciting? Because the state of the industry is catering to new technologies that help streamline workflows and empower clinicians. When technology is deployed as a force multiplier, clinicians can focus more on the quality of patient care and outcomes. Honeywell’s own solutions are at the forefront of this technological revolution, with purpose-built solutions designed to ensure that clinical teams can use their devices to help amplify the care they provide, elevating their patients as their primary focus.

2) Mobility is a gamechanger

As the healthcare landscape evolves from the hospital’s four walls to care-on-the-go, clinicians need devices that can go with them anywhere, allowing them to provide the same high-quality care they would in a hospital setting. By keeping clinicians mobile, they can go to meet their patients, untethered from traditional role carts. Clinicians can use mobile computers to quickly pull up patient information, scan medications and wristbands, consult with other members of the patient’s care team and more. That’s why the Honeywell CT30 XP HC mobile computer is changing the game when it comes to clinical mobility. Whether it’s at the hospital bedside, at a patient’s home, or in another healthcare facility, our purpose-built CT30 XP HC offers a slim form factor and ergonomic design enabling care anytime, anywhere.

During HIMSS 2023, few could take their eyes off this device. The CT30 XP HC is similar in size to a personal mobile device, it has a powerful built-in scanner making it a popular choice for clinicians and hospital IT workers alike. It simplifies daily tasks, helps find and search Electronic Medical Records (EMR), allows for scanning of patient wristbands, medicine bottles, and IV bags, and has an extended lifecycle through Honeywell’s OS platforms and support offerings. Achieving elevated care doesn’t have to be more difficult.

3) The next generation of Honeywell scanning has reached an UltraTM level

Ensuring streamlined clinical workflows doesn’t start and end at the patient’s bedside. There are plenty of other areas within healthcare that need to be optimized to achieve the high-quality care patients expect. That means when clinical care teams need to have samples scanned into their records system, or drugs need to be meticulously scanned to ensure correct amounts are in inventory and available, you don’t need manual data entry slowing that process down. That’s why we were excited to show HIMSS 2023 attendees the power of Honeywell scanning in healthcare.  Well-known for our scan technology around the world in a variety of industry applications, the all-new Xenon Ultra 1960h scanner offers snappy and error-free scanning for healthcare applications. With the Xenon Ultra scanner, care teams can enable patient do-not disturb modes, toggle vibration settings, and increase IR capabilities demonstrating our commitment to improving clinical workflows. IV bags, wristbands, medicine bottles, and extra high-density labels are no match for the Ultra’s scan platform, as its improved scan performance shows a 20% increase in improvement over previous versions in scan snappiness.

As Honeywell continues to add onto our more than 75-year history in healthcare, we are committed to strengthening our relationship with our partners in the healthcare space. Our partnership ecosystem doesn’t stop at hardware resellers but extends into a broad array of software solutions and providers. Throughout HIMSS, we continued to see these providers recognize our commitment to the healthcare space and our ability to provide world class solutions tailored to fit customers’ needs.

With the introduction of new technology like the CT30 XP HC and Xenon Ultra, our goal is to open new doors for healthcare organizations and how they provide care to their patients.

We would love to continue the conversations we started at HIMSS 2023. If you are looking to elevate your patient care, streamline clinical workflows and empower your clinicians, contact a Honeywell representative today to learn about how our solutions can help your organization today.