Webinar Replay: Times Up! Ready to Migrate to Android for Your Retail Operation?

Webinar Replay: Times Up! Ready to Migrate to Android for Your Retail Operation?

Mobile technology continues to enable the retail industry, but many retailers have disparate devices in multiple form factors for many uses, a myriad of applications for different tasks and complex IT infrastructure – all of which is difficult and costly to maintain. These mobile solutions are also built on different technology platforms that force retailers into siloed provisioning and application support making it a technology minefield. 

In this webinar you'll learn about:

  • Current trends that are impacting retailers and why it’s important to upgrade your in-store and warehouse technology
  • Why ignoring end-of-life timelines with Windows Embedded opens retailers up to security vulnerabilities and how they can protect their shoppers, stores and their brand 
  • How upgrading can benefit retailers with improvements in productivity, efficiency and business performance
  • How implementing a unified software and hardware platform for mobile computing will allow you to accelerate the modernization of their mobile fleet while lowering your total cost of ownership by ~50%
  • How planning the transition of critical applications will ensure a smoother migration to the Android platform and lessen the IT burden
  • Our current trade in programs that will allow you to make the most of your investment

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Karen Bomber

Karen Bomber is the Director of Industry Marketing for Honeywell Productivity Products. She leads the strategic direction of Honeywell’s in-store retail, healthcare, distribution center and transportation and logistics (T&L) solutions, helping businesses focus on enhancing customer service and increasing worker productivity.