Webinar Replay: Unified Communications for In-Store Retail

Webinar Replay: Unified Communications for In-Store Retail

Internal communication is critical no matter what business you’re in, but amid the current health crisis, retailers are looking for better ways to carry out common communication tasks.

In this webinar you'll learn about:

  • Best practices implementing robust modern communications solutions
  • The limitations to bring your own device
  • How retailers that deploy a unified communication platform can see productivity gains and a decrease in training times
  • How in-store associates can comply with social distancing guidelines by altering how they collaborate
  • How Honeywell Smart Talk, a unified communications solution, can help retailers deliver on their pursuit of a remarkable customer experience

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Karen Bomber

Karen Bomber is the Director of Industry Marketing for Honeywell Productivity Products. She leads the strategic direction of Honeywell’s in-store retail, healthcare, distribution center and transportation and logistics (T&L) solutions, helping businesses focus on enhancing customer service and increasing worker productivity.