National Safety Month and Creating a Culture of Safety

National Safety Month and Creating a Culture of Safety

June is National Safety Month in the U.S., an annual observance focused on raising awareness about health and safety risks and ways to decrease the number of injuries and fatalities in the workplace and our communities. Honeywell, a leading global provider of safety solutions, is proud to support the National Safety Council (NSC) in its National Safety Month initiatives. Observances such as National Safety Month are integral to organizations’ efforts to create an environment where both employers and workers can put safety first. 

What are the biggest workplace safety hazards?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought workplace safety to the forefront. In addition to hazards in the air, a number of other issues are top-of-mind when it comes to safety, including falls and musculoskeletal disorders. In 2020, more than 211,000 workers in the U.S. were injured badly enough from a fall to require days off of work, and 805 died. Those working in the construction industry have seven times the risk of fatal falls from height compared to other industries.(1)

Musculoskeletal disorders, the leading cause of workplace injury(2) result from repetitive movements, lifting heavy objects, frequent bending and reaching, pushing and pulling heavy loads or working in awkward body postures. Examples of common injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, rotator cuff injuries, muscle strains and low back injuries.(3)   

Did you know?

More than 4 million workplace injuries in 2020 required medical attention.(4)

How Honeywell helps boost workplace safety 

At Honeywell, we are committed to building a culture of safety in the workplace. We constantly engage with our customers and partners to understand their safety challenges and provide them with solutions to help implement a safety-oriented culture.

We believe that the key to keeping employees safe is building a workplace culture where safety comes first, and where staff are encouraged to make the right decision when it comes to their own safety and that of their coworkers.

Creating a safety-first culture begins with prevention: raising awareness about risks and hazards, then educating workers about the safest way to perform tasks so their exposure to on-site risks is reduced and injuries are minimized.

Along with awareness, training and implementing safety programs, companies can prioritize safety by investing in high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Honeywell helps keep 500 million workers safe and more productive each day with our PPE and other safety products and services. 

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Having the right PPE empowers workers to do their best work and gives employers the peace of mind that their workplace is safe. Across respiratory, fall protection, hearing protection, face and eye protection and more, Honeywell’s head-to-toe solutions are worker-focused, putting the needs of workers at the forefront to provide protection when and where they need it the most.

Want our help to make your workplace safer? Explore Honeywell’s Safety Services. We provide assessments, training and guidance on the right PPE for your environment.