New Arc Flash Protection from Honeywell Salisbury

New Arc Flash Protection from Honeywell Salisbury

Arc flash incidents are one of the most dangerous hazards electrical workers face. Traditional arc flash protective clothing is often bulky, uncomfortable, and it’s not designed for regular wear. This can lead to workers avoiding using it, putting them at risk of serious injuries. To address this issue, Honeywell Salisbury has launched a groundbreaking new arc flash protection coverall garment that aims to change the game. This arc flash full body protection was created for electrical workers who need 25 cal/cm2 protective apparel in a high visibility garment they can wear every day. Honeywell Salisbury offers the only category 3 high visibility orange product durable and comfortable enough for daily use.

These arc protection coveralls are designed for the Utility industry in collaboration with one of the largest Utility companies in North America. It’s manufactured to meet requirements of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) after a request from the industry itself. Complying with arc flash safety standards like CSA Z462 is crucial for utilities in Canada. Another element of the Canadian market is the preference and standards for the color orange, specifically high visibility orange. However, meeting these requirements can be challenging due to the limitations of existing protective clothing in the color they need.  This new high-visibility orange garment from Honeywell Salisbury promises to provide Category 3 protection (25 cal/cm²) in a lightweight, comfortable design that workers will actually want to wear. 

Key Features:

  • High Visibility: Meets CSA Z96 standards for safety apparel, ensuring workers remain visible and safe on the job.
  • Durability: Premium fabric and reinforced padding in high-use areas provide long-lasting wear.
  • Lightweight: Focused on breathability for superior comfort throughout the workday.
  • Modern Design: Sporty look that's easy to wear with work boots and other PPE.

Honeywell Salisbury has directly tackled the issues that have made arc flash protection a challenge for workers. Traditional garments often break down quickly from daily use, requiring constant replacement. These new coveralls are built for durability, breathability, and are designed to withstand the demands of regular wear. The high-visibility colors and reflective strips also enhance worker visibility in low-light conditions.

Compliance with arc flash regulations has been difficult due to the discomfort of heavy, stuffy protective clothing. The lightweight design and breathability could make this protection more acceptable for daily use, improving worker safety.

When workers willingly wear arc flash protective coveralls from Honeywell Salisbury, it could significantly reduce the risk of arc flash incidents, leading to safer workplaces for everyone in the industry.

This product could solve the common problems that have prevented workers from complying with arc flash regulations and wearing adequate protection. By offering a durable, comfortable, and high-visibility arc flash protection coverall, Honeywell Salisbury could help workers avoid the serious injuries and fatalities caused by arc flash incidents. This could improve the safety culture and performance of the entire Canadian electrical industry.