Safeguarding Your Safety Technology

Safeguarding Your Safety Technology

There are some things you can buy and essentially forget about – using them until they break or die, and then buying a new one. When it’s an item critical to your safety and livelihood, however, it would be unwise to take that approach. For instance, you would never install a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and just let it run indefinitely until it stops working; getting it serviced regularly lengthens its lifespan, and servicing can reduce the risk of a breakdown by as much as 95%.1 Your car is similar – changing the oil and getting regular inspections helps keep the engine from failing and makes sure the vehicle is still safe to drive. Even the water filter in your refrigerator needs replacement from time to time, if you want to know the water is safe to drink.

The same can be said for your suite of gas detection solutions. These technologies are essential to protecting your workers from harmful gas and flame risks and to safeguarding the buildings and assets that make up your business. Ensuring they are maintained and repaired properly will maximize product uptime, minimize costs and, most importantly, make the most of your company’s investment in safety. 

Gas Detection Services Overview

With more than five decades of experience helping businesses maximize operational safety and minimize product downtime, Honeywell knows the ins and outs of gas detection. We pride ourselves on delivering not just excellent hardware, but also superior support service quality and engineering resources. With fast lead times and the ability to provide rapid assistance, our many long-standing customers trust us to be there when they need us the most.

Why Honeywell? The decision to use unapproved third-party service providers to maintain your gas detection fleet can have a negative impact on the health and safety of your employees, and improper maintenance of your fixed gas detectors can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you entrust maintenance and service to qualified Honeywell specialists, you help protect your company’s significant investment. 

And because we have a broad customer base and years of experience in the landscape of gas detection, we know the specific requirements of your area and what documents and calibration certificates will keep you in compliance. Listed below are some of the services options we offer to customers with Honeywell gas detection technology.

Professional Services 

Training—Honeywell offers a comprehensive gas detection training program—led by OSHA-authorized and PMMI-certified instructors—with classroom and web-based options. 

Start Up & Commissioning Services—For fixed and high-tech devices, these packages ensure your device is configured and calibrated properly. Honeywell trains your staff to operate the equipment and respond to alarms.

Site Survey—This service option for fixed and high-tech instruments provides a review of your current gas detection methods from our field service technicians to determine any process gaps. Honeywell then discusses steps that can improve your operation.

Contract Services for Portable Devices* - 

Platinum- and Gold-level contracts extend the life of your lifesaving instruments through our “Service Made Simple” approach.  

Platinum Solution Contract—This total repair service plan supports portable instruments’ hardware and firmware for 4 years. Honeywell will replace the instrument or sensor regardless of how the instrument was damaged or why the sensor is not operational. 

Gold Maintenance Contract—This repair service supports hardware and firmware over a 4-year period. It eliminates unpredictable and expensive out-of-warranty repairs by fixing damage from incidents like an accidental drop.

Contract Services for Fixed and High-Tech Devices – 

Keep your team and facility safe and your devices operational with these contract service options. 

On-Site Daily Support—Designed for customers needing full-service maintenance, we put certified technicians on-site as full-time extensions of your staff.

Field Maintenance Contracts—We provide factory-recommended preventive maintenance and calibration of your gas detectors. 

Parts Management Contracts—We offer four parts management contract options for replacement parts, depending on your specific needs, to keep your equipment up-and-running: Comprehensive, Planned Parts, Parts Management and Parts Usage.

Demand Services

Customers can request these service options on-demand without a contract. 

On-Demand Repair—Honeywell offers per-incident repair either on site or at an authorized service center, for component replacement, functionality tests and device calibration. We offer this option for fixed, portable and high-tech solutions.  

Calibration Services—Our experienced service technicians help you get your gas detection equipment calibrated and running smoothly (fixed, high-tech and portable gas detectors). Honeywell helps your equipment operate at peak performance and stay compliant with industry requirements.

These are just some of the services Honeywell offers to our gas detection customers, and the above descriptions are only general summaries to give you a sense of these offerings. To learn more and to examine the terms and conditions and specifics of each offering, visit our website today. 

* Portables contract services are available to customers in the U.S. and Canada. We service devices from our centralized location (the customer ships their devices to Honeywell). 


1 - Indoor Air Quality Association