When Safety Is Backed by Science: The New H700 Harness Series

When Safety Is Backed by Science: The New H700 Harness Series

As safety demands in the workplace are changing to meet ever more stringent needs, new technologies are deployed to help keep workers safe and compliant. Take fall protection, for example. The science of safety is taking advantage of the latest technological opportunities to achieve greater heights in ergonomic protection and comfort. 

Ergonomics is the science of workplace, tools, and equipment designed to reduce worker discomfort, strain, and fatigue and to prevent work-related injuries. In fall protection, a major area of research and innovation is optimizing the comfort and protection properties of fall protection equipment. 

PPE manufacturers are using the science of ergonomics to create protective equipment that provides safety and increases compliance on job sites. Designing the optimum fall protection equipment starts with a complete ergonomic assessment, based on scientific data such as: 

• Anthropometric data - height, weight, waist circumference

• Human anatomy - lumbar support, weight distribution, shoulder stabilization, musculoskeletal benchmarks

• Range of motion study - rotation, extension, lateral bending and flexion, movement-focused technology

• EMG sensor muscle monitoring for muscular fatigue

• Heatmapping Thermal comfort - body heat radiation and evaporative cooling

• Pressure mapping - computerized clinical tool for assessing pressure distribution

Based on the data-driven assessment, design can begin with a focus on innovating in ergonomic safety. With comfort playing a key role in compliance and worker safety, new technologies are used to produce some of the most innovative materials found in PPE. 

Engineered with innovative materials

The Honeywell Miller H-Series, including the multi-awarded H500 and the new H700 Premium Series full body harnesses, is a good example of scientifically driven safety and comfort.


The innovative, multi-layered padding has been designed for enhanced breathability and venting, keeping workers drier and cooler by combining airflow channel breathability, moisture dispersion technology, and 3D knitted fabric.

Here are 5 features of the innovative multi-layered padding:

1. The 3rd generation multi-layered padding sported by the H700 harness keeps workers drier and cooler by combining airflow channel breathability, moisture dispersion technology, and 3D knitted fabric.

2. The pure Ret value of the knitted fabric is 26.4. RET represents the water vapor resistance of the material, a quality that confers breathability. The lower the evaporative resistance, the easier the water vapor is eliminated, which makes the garment more comfortable to wear. 

3. The pressure distribution of the H700 waist pad is even around the worker’s waist to ensure comfort during long shifts. Sitting down and not moving may lead to a pressure concentration on the backside, causing discomfort and even stopping the blood circulation. The bigger the deformation of the waist padding, the better it absorbs the pressure, so the lower the discomfort for the wearer. Honeywell’s comparative tests of the H700 and the next best alternative have shown that the H700 generated a more even pressure distribution around the waist and a bigger deformation (extension), which translates into more comfort. 

4. The patented shoulder padding design minimizes overhead muscular fatigue, as the padding bends and contours to accommodate the lifting of the arms. The removable padding was designed to protect workers from the robust twin personal SRLs. 

5. The waist pad was ergonomically designed to reduce body contact around the neck and lower back, thus reducing chafing and irritation and improving the airflow. 

Other smart and intuitive features include:

The ONE-PULL TRAUMA RELIEF STEP for suspension trauma relief

We’ve radically simplified what is usually a complicated 4-step process. By integrating a patented release mechanism for quick deployment of our two high performance One-Pull Trauma Relief Steps (one for each foot), the suspended person conveniently stands up in the Miller H700 harness. The pressure being applied to the arteries and veins around the top of the legs is quickly relieved, avoiding the risk of serious injury or death.

CONFIGURABLE LEG STRAP DESIGN for customizable comfort

The new Pivot Strap Adjuster offers worker mobility and comfort, allowing workers to adjust the shape of their leg straps, depending on the action that needs to be performed (crouching, bending, crawling, etc.) It also allows for adjustment of the back webbing, for a more customized comfort fit.  

MODULAR LIGHTWEIGHT ACCESSORY STRAPS (MLAS) for adjustability and convenience

MLAS allow workers to conveniently attach and move pouches around the H700 harness. They accommodate a large number of accessories. Reinforced stitching also provides safety and security for heavyweight accessories. When not in use, the webbing straps don’t get tangled.


The convenient Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) integrated connector allows for easy attachment of personal single/twin SRLs and carbineers.

Science-driven performance can improve safety and comfort for workers by mitigating muscular fatigue and ergonomic discomfort. The H700 full body harness enables worker compliance through advanced comfort and usability, leading to increased safety on job sites. 

If looking to advance your safety program with the latest and greatest in safety equipment, look no further than Honeywell’s H700 Series.

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