Systevo Care View IP: optimised for duty rooms and modern care workstations

Systevo Care View IP: optimised for duty rooms and modern care workstations

Optimised for duty rooms and modern care workstations: as an All-In-One command centre, Systevo Care View IP offers the simplest way to access nurse call information and pending alarm escalations. Staff flexibly switches between Full-Duplex hands-free and discrete intercom and select all functions such as comfort SIP telephone services via the touch terminal. The desktop device offers flexible and smooth integration to ICT system infrastructures and is typically connected through Ethernet with Power-over-Ethernet.

Systevo Care View IP provides a user-friendly operating interface to support the daily care processes in care facilities: The full IP command center helps to streamline alerts, shortening response times and enabling smarter management of care communication. It features a full color, touch screen display to display alarms, calls and presence in prioritized order, allowing “one touch” speech intercom between care staff and patients. The built-in echo-cancellation technology ensures a full-duplex and exceptional intercom functionality which enables an outstanding communication up to several meters away. Systevo Care View IP enables querying calls and selective calling of patients easily, in two-way communication either in hands-free or discrete mode using the integrated handset. With just a few simple steps, care givers trigger announcements, for quick information of staff, patients and visitors. To extend call forwarding and escalation to other wards or services, Systevo Care View IP supports workflow-relevant processes by displaying and selecting relevant zone concentrations. The telephony SIP-function completes the overall package of the device.

Systevo Care View IP integrates seamlessly into existing ICT infrastructure, according cyber security requirements, as well as in existing legacy Systevo Call Ackermann systems. It is offering added features through the IP connectivity and providing a future proof investment for a smooth migration, using ethernet or WIFI infrastructure of the care facility.

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