High Tech & Semiconductor
High Tech & Semiconductor

High Tech & Semiconductor

A full range of gas and chemical detection instrumentation for various applications: semiconductor processing, research laboratories, emergency response.

Advanced Technologies for Advanced Detection

Delayed gas and fire leak detection pose a massive threat to property, environment and human life. Honeywell's toxic gas detection range for the High Tech and Government markets features detectors and controllers that use advanced technologies for detecting hundreds of gases, including hydrides, trifluorides and other semiconductor gases.

Honeywell's toxic gas monitoring products are the industry's most complete and includes solutions using infrared spectroscopy with no cross-interference to Chemcassette paper tape colorimetric technology, offering detection down to parts per billion levels.

Applications include semiconductor manufacturing and nanotechnology, photovoltaic cell production, aerospace propulsion and safety, specialty chemicals, academic and industrial research labs, and emergency response.

Improve your safety and productivity with Honeywell's reliable, flexible, user-friendly gas detector monitoring systems.