Safety Eyewear
Safety Eyewear

Safety Eyewear

A comprehensive line of protective eyewear, offering safety, comfort and performance to workers in various industries.

High Performance Eye Protection

Keep your eyes safe from impact hazards, dust, heat, chemical splash and optical radiation. Enjoy Honeywell's safety eyewear, a line of products born from a clear vision for superior eye protection that exceeds safety standards without compromising style.
Honeywell's safety eyewear products were born combine innovations, technically advanced capabilities and superior designs that deliver the highest levels of protection, comfort, fit, durability and style.
Honeywell's high-performance industrial safety eyewear offers superior safety and ensures enhanced productivity in any situation.

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Uvex Avatar

Uvex Avatar™

Uvex Avatar OTG 

Uvex Avatar™ OTG

Uvex Genesis

Uvex Genesis®

Uvex Livewire

Uvex Livewire®

Uvex Seismic

Uvex Seismic®

North Tornado F5 T5750 and T5850

North Tornado F5 T5750 and T5850

SVP 300 Series

SVP 300 Series

Uvex A200 Series

Uvex A200 Series

Uvex A900 Readers

Uvex A900 Readers

Uvex Astrospec 3000

Uvex Astrospec 3000®

Uvex Astrospec OTG 3001

Uvex Astrospec OTG® 3001

Uvex Falcon

Uvex Falcon®

Uvex Genesis Replacement Lens

Uvex Genesis® - Replacement Lens

Uvex Genesis Readers

Uvex Genesis® Readers

Uvex Genesis Slim

Uvex Genesis® Slim

Uvex Genesis® XC

Uvex Genesis® XC

Uvex Horizon Flip-Ups

Uvex Horizon™

Uvex Ignite

Uvex Ignite™

Uvex Instinct

Uvex Instinct

Uvex Livewire® CSA

Uvex Livewire® CSA

Uvex Mercury

Uvex Mercury™

Uvex Relentless

Uvex Relentless

Uvex Seismic Readers

Uvex Seismic® Readers

Uvex Skyper

Uvex Skyper®

Uvex Tirade

Uvex Tirade™

Uvex Tomcat

Uvex Tomcat®

Uvex Ultra-spec 1000

Uvex Ultra-Spec® 1000

Uvex Ultra-spec 2001 OTG

Uvex Ultra-spec® 2001 OTG

Uvex Vapor Series

Uvex Vapor Series

Uvex 880 Series Klip Lifts for Hard Hats

Uvex® 880 Series Klip Lifts for Hard Hats

Uvex A1500 Series

Uvex® A1500

Uvex A400 Series

Uvex® A400 Series

Uvex A700 Series

Uvex® A700 Series

Uvex A800 Series

Uvex® A800 Series

Uvex A900 Series

Uvex® A900 Series

Uvex Conspire

Uvex® Conspire

Uvex Fuse

Uvex® Fuse

Uvex SVP 200

Uvex® SVP 200

SVP 400 Series

Uvex® SVP400 Series

Uvex Ultra-spec 2000

Uvex® Ultra-spec 2000