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Safety in the oil and gas industry is mission-critical – especially during turnarounds. With more workers and tight schedules, and when every hour of downtime impacts the bottom line, creating a safe environment is essential to returning facilities back to peak performance quickly. Even more, when you safeguard your workers with the best possible PPE, the families and communities that rely on them are positively impacted as well, giving an even stronger meaning to our promise to protect one, protect all.

Building a Culture of Safety in Oil & Gas

What is the best way to help keep oil and gas workers safe, especially during high-pressure downstream environments like turnarounds? Success begins with establishing and reinforcing cultural guidelines that help workers make the right decisions, while building an atmosphere of trust. Learn key strategies to help you implement a safety-oriented culture, when and where workers need it most.

PPE Product Selection Guide

Oil and gas turnarounds present many hazards when workers are repairing broken equipment, draining pipes, cleaning tanks, hydroblasting and welding metals together. Workers need personal protection equipment they can trust to help keep them safe. Explore our innovative PPE designed to help protect your workers from head to toe during turnarounds.

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