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ChemKey TLD Toxic Gas Detector

ChemKey TLD Toxic Gas Detector

The ChemKey™ TLD Toxic Gas Monitor provides a reliable solution for both emergency response and fixed area gas detection in a cost effective manner.

Utilizing the exclusive ChemKey™Gas Selection System, a single monitor is capable of monitoring over 50 different gases with just a change of ChemKey™and Chemcassette®.

As with all Chemcassette®based products, you are assured of fast, sensitive and substance specific exposure protection. There is never any danger of false alarms or inaccurate results caused by other commonly present chemicals.

Additional Features and Benefits:
  • Portable, flexible and interference free toxicgas detection
  • Battery operated or line powered
  • Exclusive Chemcassette®detection is gas specific,sensitivity to ppb levels with physical evidence
  • Low maintenance and no dynamic gas calibration
  • Variety of signals outputs to meet monitoring needs
  • Over 50 gases available, ChemKey™ allowsswitching target gases easily
  • Emergency response teams
  • R & D projects
  • Temporary facility monitoring
  • Industrial hygiene surveys
  • Spill remediation
  • Equipment maintenance crews