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Storage & Buffering Hero Image

Storage & Buffering

AS/RS Solutions for Dense Storage and Efficient Inventory Retrieval

Maximizing the utilization of available warehouse space is a chief concern shared by manufacturing and distribution center operators alike. Factor in the labor required to retrieve inventory from storage or buffering zones, and it’s easy to see why operators are continually trying to improve the efficiencies of tasks associated with product storage, retrieval and buffering.

Regardless of the storage medium — whether you’re using pallets, trays, bins, cartons or totes (or some combination thereof) — Honeywell Intelligrated provides automated solutions for efficient storage and retrieval. Storage solutions are designed to maximize the density of your facility by utilizing the available space and helping you to avoid making unnecessary capital expenditures.

We’re experienced at developing best-fit buffering strategies for a variety of operations, calculating the desired buffering window, and drawing from our breadth of material handling equipment and automation expertise to help operators achieve effective product consolidation in preparation for the next step in their fulfillment process.

Intelligent Storage via AS/RS

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are designed to achieve high throughput while making the best possible use of valuable storage space. When combined with Honeywell Intelligrated’s innovative Momentum warehouse execution system (WES), AS/RS enables dynamic space allocation to greatly improve storage capacities. With Momentum and AS/RS, product size and shape attributes are matched to available locations in the system’s storage shelves for:

  • Increased storage density and capacity of the existing footprint
  • Automated dynamic location assignment based on product size and space availability
  • Maximized available shelving of AS/RS system

Buffering With Vertical Indexing Conveyor

Specialty vertical indexing conveyor systems from Honeywell Intelligrated offer reliable tote buffering at sorter discharge chutes in preparation for downstream processes. These modular, efficient staging lanes have much smaller footprints than traditional accumulation conveyor solutions, allowing warehouse operators to make the most of their valuable floor space by reducing the number of conveyors at staging locations. These buffering systems also simplify maintenance, thereby improving overall system availability.