Significantly Reduce Downtime With Around-the-clock Remote Maintenance, Repair and Support for Assets and Software

When you need diagnostics to minimize downtime, we offer hassle-free access to expert service engineers anytime you need us. Our multilingual service team is equipped with remote access to troubleshoot, identify, and respond to your issues with proven support solutions. IN-24X7® Technical Support provides the industry’s most robust suite of features.

Technology Repair Services

Our dedicated electronics and computer repair lab provides extensive repair services for a variety of equipment, including:

  • Order fulfillment controllers and interface boards
  • PC-based controllers
  • Conveyor and sortation control system servers
  • Integrated sort devices (ISD cartridge)
  • Custom cable fabrication
  • Programming service for custom firmware and site-specific programs
  • Free in-house bench testing and diagnostic services for authorized returns

Technical Support Agreements

Reducing your risk of unplanned downtime and shortening repair times can potentially save your operations thousands of dollars per minute. Technical support agreements ensure priority responses to issues and unlimited access to the following resources:

  • Comprehensive online customer service and support web portal 
  • Customer service via Dashboard™
  • Quick access to general information and tips concerning material handling systems, software and procedures via Knowledgebase™
  • Historical reporting capabilities
  • Expert customer service engineers with secure remote access to thoroughly diagnose and resolve any issues that may arise

Software Maintenance Contracts

Have knowledgeable mechanical maintenance personnel on-site, but still need additional assistance to troubleshoot software issues? Software maintenance contracts provide your team with comprehensive software support when needed.

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