An Affordable Alternative to Warehouse Control Systems

Cost-Effective WCS Alternatives

Many operations that need just one or two control system upgrades have traditionally struggled to find affordable and flexible options. That’s why Honeywell Intelligrated created Momentum Machine Control Business Logic, a modular collection of innovative, state-of-the-art, web-based conveyor and sortation controls.

Designed for high performance and easy IT support, Momentum Machine Control Business Logic blends machine control, operator interface, system diagnostics, maintenance tools and host interfaces in a single, easy-to-use system. Momentum Machine Control Business Logic is available for PC-based machine control, and PLC and third-party controls, often at a significantly lower cost. This fully integrated ecosystem also eliminates the extra cost and challenges of third-party software or customized workarounds, enabling your system to expand and evolve as needed over time.

Only Invest in the Systems You Need

Each of these key control functions can be used as a stand-alone service or packaged together to meet your specific needs:

  • Embedded routing — Coordinates the movement of cartons from source to destination, managing movement on traditional conveyor and sortation systems. You’ll get real-time operational data that enables faster and better decision-making while reducing manual labor.
  • Label printing — Flexible storage and printing of label data, compatible with Zebra (ZPL) and other major printing languages. User-friendly interfaces enable you to track print requests and printer information easily.
  • Historical data tracking and business intelligence (BI) reporting — Create a self-maintaining archive that enables easy access to historical data, assisting proactive maintenance, increasing efficiency, and minimizing the chance of system failure. These metrics can also be pushed to a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and rules can be set to create automatic work orders.
  • Alarms and events — Real-time status, warning and alarm monitoring make it easy for your operational and maintenance staff to pinpoint exactly where an issue has occurred.
  • Visual status modeling — Web-based models provide easy-to-use overviews of your entire operation as it appears on the floor. A color-coded system indicates each component’s status at a glance, providing a valuable troubleshooting and training tool.

Get the Benefits of Modern Controls for Less

By providing an alternative to all-inclusive control systems and custom adaptations, the modular approach of Momentum Machine Control Business Logic is substantially more cost-effective for many operations that only require one or more specific upgrades. No other solution on the market today makes these functions available in a format that allows you to pick and choose only the specific capabilities you need. 

The modern, open design reduces both your initial investment and your commissioning time, while making it easy to update or expand your system in response to growth or future market changes. You’ll get reliable, high-performance conveyor and sortation control, plus the visibility to manage your system resources and operations more efficiently. In addition to automated maintenance routines that enable peak system performance, you’ll have access to Honeywell Intelligrated’s proven world-class support, including easy access to parts and maintenance information when needed.

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