Kelly-Moore Paint Company  

Alvey robotic pallet transport in Kelly-Moore paint warehouse
Alvey robotic pallet transport in Kelly-Moore paint warehouse

Beginning in 1946 with a single manufacturing facility in San Carlos, California, Kelly-Moore Paints™ has grown to the largest employee-owned, and the fifth-largest paint company, in the United States.

Supporting more than 165 local stores, Kelly-Moore is “the painter’s paint store,” providing high-quality paint and related products to contractors, commercial and maintenance accounts, and do-it-yourself consumers. Today, the company maintains two facilities - in California and Texas - manufacturing and distributing nearly 15 million gallons of paint per year. State-of-the-art on-site laboratories ensure quality control and produce some of the most technologically advanced paint products available, including their eCoat Recycled and Zero-VOC Enviro Coat and Green Coat lines.

When plant manager Keith Hussinger joined Kelly-Moore at their San Carlos, California headquarters four years ago, one thing was clear: Kelly- Moore’s manufacturing process had not kept pace with advances in the company’s product lines. As an employee-owned company, Kelly-Moore has a strong focus on the safety and ergonomic issues impacting their employees. Hand palletizing of products weighing up to 70 pounds and production flow inefficiencies pointed to some obvious areas needing improvement. Even with a vacuum assist, manual lifting was an issue of worker comfort as well as production efficiency.

Discover how Hussinger’s visit to the Honeywell Intelligrated booth at PACK EXPO led to a great partnership, which ultimately relieved Kelly-Moore’s manufacturing challenges.