Lorillard Tobacco Company  

Lorillard robotic picking
Lorillard robotic picking

Pierre Abraham Lorillard founded America’s oldest continuously running tobacco company in 1760. More than 250 years later, Lorillard Tobacco produces approximately 40 billion cigarettes each year, best known for its flagship Newport® brand, the highest-selling menthol cigarette in the U.S.

Lorillard prides itself on delivering consistent, high-quality product to its customers. With the advent of industry regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2009, all manufacturers must produce tobacco products according to strict specification to ensure no non-conforming product reaches consumers. The impact of shipping product that does not meet specification carries costs in the forms of lost customers and expenses associated with any recall.

Throughout its manufacturing process, Lorillard employs strategically placed sensors and control systems to ensure proper product and packaging integrity, composition and size. In addition, the company conducts constant quality assurance inspections throughout the production cycle to catch any non-conforming product before it leaves the plant. If a quality assurance check discovers any defective product, Lorillard traces it back to the packaging line of origin and quarantines all product manufactured on that line within a set time frame.

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