Industry-Changing Trends Identified in Global Automation Report

The ongoing pandemic, global trade issues and regional conflicts have created long-term disruptions to the historically predictable throughput and capacity of warehouses and distribution centers (DCs). Warehouse Automation: Future-proofing the Global Economy, a new report recently released by Futurum Research, examines the importance of automation as an increasingly critical component in helping warehouse and DC operators meet historic escalation points in consumer demand.

Through investigation and first-hand conversations with a select group of industry leaders, the researchers found that past predictable demand cycles centered around holidays and “peak seasons” of consumer demand have given way to a model where any month, week or even day can be a “holiday” — with all the stress and fluctuations of a season compressed into a much shorter period. The report also shares some of the key approaches warehouse and DC operators are taking to overcome these challenges, along with recommendations to help them maximize the value of their investments in automation solutions.