Harnessing Data for Real-Time DC Asset Monitoring

There is a big opportunity to get ahead of competitors by implementing real-time asset monitoring programs. These programs can connect machinery with automation systems to move your distribution center forward. The distribution and fulfillment (D&F) industry is seeing a move being made toward the industrial internet of things (IIoT). This shift in processes helps distribution centers (DCs) see higher throughput rates and a decrease in downtime. Other industries have experienced the positive benefits of IIoT, and it’s time for the D&F industry to do the same. In order to remain competitive and efficient, warehouses must look to incorporate real-time asset monitoring systems into their operations.

It has been noted across the industry that few operations have taken the leap to invest in automated systems and material handling operations. It has also been noted that investments in IIoT yield a high ratio for ROI. Although the investment may seem large on the front end, it is well worth it to remain a leader in the industry and keep your operation moving at a scalable pace.

Investing in real-time asset monitoring systems has been proven to decrease downtime in distribution centers. Being able to predict system maintenance and labor needs accurately can help combat lost production, wasted labor, missed service level agreements and more.

This white paper will discuss the benefits to investing in IIoT technology and reveal how it can help propel your DC operation forward.