The Put Wall: Versatile Facilitator of Omnichannel Distribution

A put wall is an effective means of consolidating diverse products across multiple channels within a distribution center. With more facilities forced to expand their operations to enable the fulfillment of e-commerce, direct-to-consumer orders, put walls are playing an increasingly vital role. Through easy integration with manual and automated picking workflows and advancements in technology, put walls are helping retailers achieve omnichannel distribution efficiencies.

Put walls are made up of two sides: one where the operator places items in respective cubbies for each order and another where the operator packs orders and gets them ready for shipment. Put walls can also pair a manual operator with a robotic solution, making them customizable to your distribution center’s needs. Using put walls in your operation can increase picking accuracy, as technology can assist operators on the correct place to put an item the first time.

The purpose of this white paper is to demonstrate how put walls are being deployed to transform the productivity and accuracy of modern e-commerce fulfillment applications.