The Viability of Modern Pick-to-light Systems

The rise of omnichannel fulfillment requires retailers to manage larger quantities of individual SKUs, handle seasonal peaks and direct each picking typical of e-commerce, while simultaneously meeting the demands of traditional in-store operations. To overcome these challenges, distribution centers optimize order fulfillment systems and processes to maximize productivity without compromising accuracy. 

One way Honeywell Intelligrated has made the order picking processes easier and more accurate is by integrating warehouse execution software with pick-to-light systems. This partnership allows for operators to pick items for multiple orders in one pass as opposed to making multiple trips for multiple orders. This timesaving method increases the amount of orders that are fulfilled and increases accuracy by guiding operators with technology. 

This white paper covers Honeywell Intelligrated’s pick-to-light hardware and Warehouse Execution System software options that deliver error-free productivity in a range of complex fulfillment scenarios.