Robotic Sorter Induction Hero Image
Robotic Sorter Induction Hero Image

Robotic Sorter Induction

Convert Tedious, Manual Induction Processes With Robotic Sorter Induction Systems That Handle Multiple Package Types

Improve Productivity and Reallocate Staff

Robotic sorter induction systems can handle a variety of common package sizes and types, including boxes, polybags and jiffy bags. Designed to fit existing workflows and handle the typical products seen in postal and e-commerce applications, the solution keeps integration costs and technical risks low. Automated label orientation improves the efficiency of sortation systems further down the line, while optimized sorter tray loading enables your site to handle larger product volumes.

  • Delivers cost savings via improved accuracy and throughput, while reducing worker injuries from repetitive motion
  • Intelligent algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence enable the robot to improve its own performance over time
  • Feature set driven by real-world data including label detection, automatic reorientation and wide product range
  • Modular design ensures scalable performance
  • Online connectivity allows fine-tuning of performance based on actual workloads at all installation sites through Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Accurate, physics-based simulation capability allows new installations to be tested and tuned to perform at maximum level
  • Backed by Honeywell Intelligrated’s deep materials handling experience

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