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Order Picking Technologies Hero Image

Order Picking Technology

Maximize Throughput and Accuracy With Semi-automated Order Picking Technologies

Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum of automation, SKU proliferation, widely varying order profiles and seasonal demands are making some degree of order picking automation a necessity. Honeywell Intelligrated offers the ideal mix of material flow and order picking technologies to maximize throughput and ensure the accuracy of your fulfillment operations. Our order picking technologies include pick- and put-to-light systems, GoKart™ mobile picking carts and voice-directed picking. These various systems can be integrated with your existing facility infrastructure, Honeywell Intelligrated material handling equipment, and our industry-leading Momentum™ warehouse execution system software.

Order picking technologies include:

  • Pick-to-light and put-to-light systems
  • Voice-directed picking
  • Mobile cart picking systems
  • RF handheld scanners and mobile devices

cL™ (Compact Light)

Multi-colored devices enable concurrent activities in shared zones, such as multiple active orders and order fillers to improve capacity and labor productivity

Software features meet increased capacity requirements and augment existing WMS or ERP systems to provide advanced planning, management and reporting tools to optimize light-directed operations

Bright flashing lights and easy-to-read LED displays provide clear direction to pick locations and quantities to virtually eliminate pick errors and enable flexible workflow methods

Rugged, modular snap-in devices can be positioned directly in front of product or outbound order cartons

Mobile Cart Picking Systems

For low-velocity items and distant break-pack picking areas, our GoKart mobile picking carts provide a proven solution throughout your facility. This pick-to-cart solution combines advanced pick-to-light components, voice-directed picking automation and RF handheld scanners in one robust mobile picking system.

  • Increases accuracy with lighted order locations
  • Enables pick rates of more than 300 lines per hour
  • RF, voice or light devices used for directed activities
  • Pick multiple and single-line orders simultaneously
  • Customizable rugged metal cart construction
  • Wireless RF data communication and on-board power
  • Provides mobility and go-anywhere flexibility

Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Systems

Honeywell Intelligrated pick- and put-to-light systems provide paperless, light-directed fulfillment for improved productivity, speed and accuracy. Intelligent microprocessor-based devices include built-in diagnostics for easy troubleshooting, while durable construction and 24X7 support minimize downtime and increase reliability. These scalable, easy-to-use, light-directed fulfillment systems require minimal order filler training and increase picking and putting accuracy and efficiency in high-velocity, high-SKU, high-density fulfillment environments.

RF Handheld Scanners and Mobile Devices

Ideal for lower-velocity SKUs, our RF handheld scanners rely on radio frequency (RF) technology to guide order fillers through the fulfillment process for 99.9 percent accuracy and 10–15 percent productivity gains over manual processes.

  • Compatible with a variety of handheld devices
  • Suitable for a variety of fulfillment workflows, including batch picking, receiving, replenishment and re-slotting

Voice-directed Picking

Honeywell Intelligrated provides robust voice-picking solutions which are ideal for operations making the transition to more automated order-picking processes. Honeywell Voice is the industry’s preferred voice- picking technology for delivering transformative productivity, accuracy and efficiency gains in critical fulfillment operations. Honeywell Voice is preferred by nearly 1 million workers worldwide for delivering robust performance and operational improvements.

  • Voice-directed picking mobility for hands-free, eyes-up operation
  • An average 35 percent increase in productivity
  • 85 percent improvement in accuracy, on average
  • Seamless integration with most ERP and WMS systems
  • Accelerated training and on-boarding
  • Improved workplace safety

xD™ (Extended Display) & xL™ (Extended Light)

  • Multi-colored devices with end-to-end pick shelf coverage and dual-shelf configuration capability provide increased pick face density
  • Multi-location, multi-SKU or multi-order filler assignments enable workflow flexibility to adapt to changing order volumes throughout the day
  • Slotting and pick face configurations evaluate available space, inbound product characteristics and current demand, which allows for optimized shelf usage, increased picks per foot, reduced order filler travel and enhanced productivity
  • Slot widths and indicator lights match pick face dimensions to clearly illuminate the width of the required SKU for increased pick accuracy

Order Picking Technologies