Better Inventory Management and Optimized Order Fulfillment

E-commerce growth has revealed unexpected inventory management challenges in many retail operations. Inventory inaccuracies — from inbound receipt and order fulfillment processing to replenishment and outbound distribution — can potentially lead to a variety of issues that impact customer service levels and erode profit margins. These escalating challenges have highlighted the importance of not only having a robust warehouse management system (WMS) in place, but also integrating it with other key automation software, such as a warehouse execution system (WES).

When choosing a WMS, companies often struggle to find a solution that achieves their unique business goals. They either over-invest in a WMS offering that contains significantly more features than they will ever need or develop a “homegrown” WMS — which they quickly outgrow while it continues to consume precious internal resources. What companies need most is a WMS that can be precisely configured to their specific workflows while integrating seamlessly with a WES.

Introducing Momentum WMS from Honeywell Intelligrated

In addition to providing all the standard WMS capabilities that companies expect — such as inbound/outbound processing, inventory and resource management — Momentum WMS delivers the robust performance and nimble integration that companies need to succeed:

  • Fast to install and implement
  • Deep configurability with warehouse operations and workflows
  • Easily expandable to adapt to future business changes
  • Tight integration of warehouse control systems (WCS) and WES software

Momentum WMS has more than 500 parameters that can be activated or deactivated quickly. With the click of a button, you can change business processes and workflow logic — without incurring the time and expense of custom coding.

With Momentum WMS, Honeywell Intelligrated provides three solution tiers that are designed to meet the unique needs of your operation.

Momentum WMS

For those interested only in a robust, configurable WMS, Momentum WMS can help you to quickly deploy a solution that can scale with your future business needs as they arise.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integration
  • Inventory receiving and replenishment
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Order fulfillment
  • Label printing
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Transportation management integration
  • Distributed order management integration

Momentum WMS and WES

While Momentum WMS is designed to integrate with commonly used WES platforms, companies can maximize software and workflow efficiencies by integrating with Momentum WES. This single-software platform approach allows companies to leverage the automation execution capabilities of a WES, streamline inventory management, and drive more efficient order fulfillment workflows — all while eliminating software integration issues and delivering a unified user experience.

  • Automation control
  • Real-time workflow visibility
  • WMS-WES integration-enabled functions:
    • Put-away
    • Picking
    • Inventory traceability
    • Order release coordination
    • Location management
    • Workload balancing
    • Quality control (QC) and value-added services (VAS)
    • Reporting

Momentum WMS-WES With Decision Intelligence

For dynamic, automated decision-making and maximum throughput, Honeywell Intelligrated also offers a WMS-WES solution that utilizes advanced data-science capabilities — via Decision Intelligence (DI), our machine- learning algorithm and artificial intelligence (AI) engine. In addition to WES providing smart order execution prioritization, its advanced simulation capabilities give end users the ability to conduct nearly unlimited “what-if” scenarios that simulate the integration of new automation equipment, changing routing rules and modifying workflows.

  • Optimized, prioritized order execution
  • Simulation of “what-if” scenarios
  • Advanced automation control
  • Real-time decision-making and prioritization
  • Congestion and workflow management
  • Intelligent routing
  • Real-time visibility

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