Buried By E-Commerce? Expand Sortation Capacity to Keep Up

The ongoing rise in e-commerce has caused a lasting shift in the way today’s consumers go about the buying process, pivoting from traditional brick-and-mortar store shopping to internet retailing, stretching distribution centers (DCs) to their max — with no signs of slowing down. E-commerce sortation and order fulfillment each play a critical role in this competitive, rapidly growing landscape, helping to support expanding inventory profiles and faster delivery.

The shopping process that a customer used to perform at a retail store now falls to the supply chain, causing an increased proliferation of orders and a crucial need to sort them quickly and accurately. Enter: automated sortation technologies.

Selecting a successful automated sortation solution for e-commerce fulfillment operations can be the difference between winning repeat business or frustrating customers into looking elsewhere. The decision-making process should include a combination of key order information gathering and outlining operational objectives.

This white paper takes a look at ways to adjust and adapt to the ongoing e-commerce boom by maximizing sortation capacity. Download it to learn more information on what’s driving market shifts, what to consider when selecting an automated solution, how partnering with an experienced provider can help your operations thrive in the internet retailing era, and more.